Let our professionals help you with your finance, Accounts and taxes.

About us

BookmyCA is a venture where we try to keep a human touch intact in this high pace tech world. We understand the importance of having a professional holding your back who can manage and handle your finance, accounts, taxes and government compliances and provide business solutions.

BookmyCA is a team of passionate professionals from different parts of the country working day and night to give out best to their clients.

Services we offer

For salaried professionals

Either you are working for an MNC or a startup, as a freelance or on contractual, we have got your back for the matter related to finance and taxes. In the life of EMI let’s manage your finances and help you earn more and save some taxes too.
Besides, if you are a CA or an aspiring C.A. we are here to guide you for your professional journey even!

Financial planning

We help you to manage your finances by providing you suitable products for investment considering your risk appetite and future requirement of cash flows. With the help of dedicated professionals, we ensure to prepare you for the future in the present.

Tax planning

Tax evasion is a crime, but tax saving is not. It’s a smart person choice. Paying tax to the government is the duty of every citizen of the country. But helping to save it for you is our duty. From tax planning to tax preparation we have you covered.

Job interview

Only for the aspiring CA’s and qualified CA’s. Finding a right company and right attitude to crack a job is not an easy task but it is not a rocket science, even. With the network of CA’s working in different corporate, connect with them to get more insight about the company and the profile which will help you in preparing yourself in advance.

For entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur with a desire to make your dream come true? Do you have an actionable plan but do not know where to start? Let’s connect today to analyse how we can help you in your dream journey.
Be it a 13 year old kid or 60 year old experienced human, your dream is our dream.


Every small business in India need to be incorporated either as a sole proprietor, partnership, Private Limited, L.L.P. and Public Limited. Keeping in mind individual’s business need of the time, we help you with all the formalities regarding incorporation.

Intellectual property rights

Protecting one’s brand in this digital era, should be the utmost priority for today’s business owner. It does not only help you to safeguard from the competitors but also helps to create credibility with your customers.


In order to run a business in India, a set of compliances have been enforced which every business owner on meeting a particular criteria have to comply with it. These compliances include GST, TDS, Forex, and other compliances as and when introduced by the government.

Idea validation

Often, we feel that an idea we have is unique and have never been implemented. However, it is utmost important to analyse and test the ideas under various scenarios and situations to ensure that an idea is worth to be implemented. This process of studying is called idea validation.

Business model creation

Creating a business model is an essential tool for every individual to study the feasibility of the business, mitigate the initial risk and plan accordingly for the smooth running of the business. It gives you a roadmap to create a workable plan to grow run your business.

Legal drafting

In today’s time it is necessary to have a written contractual agreement while interacting with any third party. The legal contracts safeguard you from any litigation which may occur due to some of business-related transactions with the people.

Budgeting and Analysis

Every growing business or a startup thrives on the cash flow it has and the number of days it has to burn it. Creating a budget and frequent analysis of it helps you to stay focused and provide a confidence to the investors that the venture is healthy and going in the right track.


Proper accounting gives out a clear picture of the profitability of a business. It also helps owner to track the departments which are incurring high cost and needs rebalancing to ensure higher profitability. It even helps you with ratios which are required to take important decision regarding sales, raising capital and cash flow requirement.

Our core values

Values that act as a pillar to our foundation. Values that makes us unique. Values that make our clients trust us.

Due dilligence

We take reasonable steps while partnering with a professional, to ensure high quality of service is provided to the client.

Integrity of work

Our professionals hold high degree of integrity within themselves. We believe in quality of work rather than quantity of work. Our professionals are bound by professional ethics and code of conduct.

Client centric

Every client, small and big is important to us, and with that we give equal importance to small and big issues of the client. For us every client is unique and valuable.

Vast network of professionals

Keeping in mind such a varied geography and culture of the country, we have a strong repository of the professionals from various cities in India and outside India.

Human touch in tech savvy era

Why to google for your financial queries, when you can connect with a professional and get credible consulting advice. Google is for general audience; every client is unique, and he needs a unique solution.

Meet Our Associates

Keeping quality of service as focus, we always keep an eye open for the professionals who are passionate about what they do. Either working in a big corporate or an individual practice holder or a freelancer, our search for passionate professionals is always on.

Siddharth Surana

Chartered Accountant & Founder
Experience: Workflow optimisation and Strategic Planning
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Yash Dugar

NISM Certified Investment Adviser
Experience: Technical analyst, Trainer, Volatility coach
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Deepak Surana

Experience: Intellectual Property Rights
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Gaurav Jain

Chartered Accountant
Experience: Financial Planning and Budgeting
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Sharad Choraria

NISM Certified Investment Adviser
Experience: Equity and MF Advisor
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